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Area Rug Cleaning in Thousand Oaks, CA

Your area rugs, whether machine-made,  or hand-knotted “oriental” rugs, need to be professionally cleaned every 12 to 24 months. This cleaning, if done properly, makes your rugs look awesome! It also prevents damage caused by soil and insects, such as “rug moths,” who lay their eggs in natural fiber rugs, where they then ” munch away” at your valuable rugs!.  However, not all carpet cleaning companies are adequately equipped or trained to clean natural fiber rugs properly. Four Seasons Rug Care Studio, located at 1330 Flynn Rd  Ste # E, Camarillo, CA 93012,  is  one of the few “Rug Cleaning Plants” in Southern California who is expert in traditional hand washing.   And, we are certified by Woolsafe of New Zealand, which means we do more for your rugs!

Operated by Woolsafe Certified owner Dan Traub, certified rug cleaner, Four Seasons Rug Care Studio can clean any area rug. We always use a system that includes up to 18 steps. We choose the rinse method that is right for your rug, from  full immersion cool water rinse, to very low moister (VLM) method for some rugs. Pet odor services are usually done by using  our special “rug bath,” which can even soak out the nastiest pet odors and stains. This type of rug cleaning also rinses out “rug moth” larvae who, while in the larval stage, can make holes in your valuable rugs.

Look at this beautiful true antique Navaho that we cleaned here at our studio

Although there are many “carpet and rug cleaners” around Ventura County and North Los Angeles, CA, we at Four Seasons are rug cleaning experts who specialize in fine fabrics and oriental rugs.  Who will you trust with your fine area rugs?  Do you want an uneducated person who doesn’t know much about the construction and stability of your rug, who assumes that all fabrics are the same? He may boast that his “super cleaning product” will clean it all, but he doesn’t have a clue why some of the rugs he cleans change shape, shrink or bleed colors.

At Four Seasons  Rug Care, you can rest assured that you have put your rugs in the hands of experts with a great reputation!  Please see our services below including the best Oriental rug repair in Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village and Ojai.


Area Rug Cleaning 

Fine Oriental and all handmade rug washing  wool, silk, cotton, camel hair and animal skins
Enzyme Soak Special Bath for Pet Odor Removal.
Sanitizing Soak (Mildew/Mold)
Fabric Protector for wool (slows resoiling dramatically and makes spot removal more effective)
Smoke odor Removal
Moth Repellent Odorless Rinse (Recommended by Textile Museum):
Specialty Stain Removal (red dye stains / pet urine stains)

Premium Custom-Cut Rug Pad


Oriental Rug Repairs

Securing Ends (Overcast)
New Fringe
Side cord rewrap or rebuilding


Reweaving fringe, wool flat weaves (Oriental, Navajo etc.) and pile rugs


1. Kraft paper wrapping for short term storage
2. Tyvek Wrapping for long-term storage – over three months

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