California Fires Aftermath Leaves Wool Area Rugs in Danger of Insect Infestation

In the aftermath of the California fires such as the Ventura county Santa Barbara County Thomas fire, I have company has received an influx of wool cotton silk, and synthetic area and oriental rugs for cleaning.

However, many people have simply rolled up the rugs and put them off to the side or in the garage or storage unit when it’s time to begin with or cleaning or construction projects in the house in the aftermath of the fire.

Aside from the obvious problem of soiling, ash, soot and a “smoky smell,”, these rugs are also in severe danger of insect infestation.

The most common problem is the “rug moth” and sometimes carpet beetles. They lay eggs then the larve (worms) which hatch and then eat the material.

Wool-eating moths can make a nest can cause huge holes and unrepairable damage to the rugs. They can also infest your whole house and get in your closets, drapery and window treatments, upholstered furniture and lampshades.

The answer is to get the rugs cleaned immediately. Also be very careful and ask us for help before you store your rugs. At our company we have systems in which the rinse process can range from complete cold water immersion (rug hand-washing,) to a mostly dry cleaning process for other rugs which cannot be exposed to water during cleaning.

Wool Eating Moth Ventura_Santa Barbara

Wool-Eating Moth

We also have a service called “long-term storage wrap.”

We also have features to make it easy for you such as special offers for previous customers, free pick up and delivery, and a special discount for you if you bring your rugs to us at our shop in Camarillo.

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