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As a lover of people, Dan tries to never fail to recognize those who make up great nation’s diverse group of citizens. Here is a picture of Dan with one of our longtime customers, Pat G, who has a rug that Dinah Shore gave to her late husband when herhusband directed Dinah’s T.V. show back in the Eighties.
This is a wool handmade rug
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Get Pet Odor Out Of Your Area Rugs

We checked in a 7×4 Afhghani tribal wool rug last week. Our customer from Westlake Village was very concerned about the strong pet urine smell.

Of course, we reassured her that we have guaranteeed pet odor service as an add-on option in our rug cleaning process.

After washing the rug for   Pet odor, it smells great! Also, We always groom the rugs with special brushes to make them soft after washing!

We always groom the rugs with special brushes to make them soft after washing!

Please check our certifying body  please check our certifying body  and you will see that we use only approved products which will not strip out the natural oils of the world and dry it out.

We use safe cleaners for washing

Afghani Tribal Wool Rug We Cleaned For Odor

Our Wash Team Member Trent

California Fires Aftermath Leaves Wool Area Rugs in Danger of Insect Infestation

In the aftermath of the California fires such as the Ventura county Santa Barbara County Thomas fire, I have company has received an influx of wool cotton silk, and synthetic area and oriental rugs for cleaning.

However, many people have simply rolled up the rugs and put them off to the side or in the garage or storage unit when it’s time to begin with or cleaning or construction projects in the house in the aftermath of the fire.

Aside from the obvious problem of soiling, ash, soot and a “smoky smell,”, these rugs are also in severe danger of insect infestation.

The most common problem is the “rug moth” and sometimes carpet beetles. They lay eggs then the larve (worms) which hatch and then eat the material.

Wool-eating moths can make a nest can cause huge holes and unrepairable damage to the rugs. They can also infest your whole house and get in your closets, drapery and window treatments, upholstered furniture and lampshades.

The answer is to get the rugs cleaned immediately. Also be very careful and ask us for help before you store your rugs. At our company we have systems in which the rinse process can range from complete cold water immersion (rug hand-washing,) to a mostly dry cleaning process for other rugs which cannot be exposed to water during cleaning.

Wool Eating Moth Ventura_Santa Barbara

Wool-Eating Moth

We also have a service called “long-term storage wrap.”

We also have features to make it easy for you such as special offers for previous customers, free pick up and delivery, and a special discount for you if you bring your rugs to us at our shop in Camarillo.

How To Buy and Care For a Real Oriental Rug in Westlake Village

You may have purchased a rug recently that you were told was an oriental rug. If you’re knowledgeable about rugs, you probably have certain ways of verifying that it is indeed that.
First of all, let’s start with the technical definition…

An area rug is a piece of carpet that’s not attached to the wall. An Oriental rug is a type of area rug.
It must be made out of natural materials such as wool, silk, cotton, camel hair, or other natural materials, or a combination of some of these materials.
It must also be completely handmade.
No part of the rug can be machine- made, nor can it contain chemicals or synthetics of any kind.

Wool, Cotton rug from Lake Sherwood, CA

Real Oriental Rug is Handmade and Has No Backing

So this rules out the common and moderately-priced “hand tufted in India or China” rugs that we commonly see – these look sort of like Oriental rugs except for one thing – the backing is covered with a cloth.

These rugs can be useful for filling up a lot of square feet for a lower price – however they do typically have a musty, rubbery smell which comes from the inside because they contain latex and other chemicals. This is all hidden by that backing cloth.

Sometimes people think that these “hand tufted wool” rugs are Oriental rugs because they have a Persian or Chinese pattern on the surface. Also, the label on the back typically says “100% hand-tufted Wool.” Don’t  be fooled! Yes it was put together by hand, but using a combination of natural and synthetic materials.

Also, many rugs made out of recycled plastics such as “olefin” (which is the same as heat-set polypropylene ) have a Persian rug or other oriental rug pattern on the surface, and people are led to believe that they are oriental rugs. They are not. Call 805-642-4784 for the most knowledgeable experienced rug cleaners in Westlake Village.

Wool Oriental Rugs Ventura County To Calabasas

This woman is about a week into the hand knotting process on an Oriental wool-on cotton rug. The brightly colored wool  yarns tells us that this is probably a scene from a Moroccan rug weaving shop. Can you image the strain on the back?

Navajo  rugs are similar, knotted on a smaller  loom. They are usually 100% wool.


oriental rugs are hand- woven from wool, silk or cotton
This is real photo of one of the great industries in the Middle East- hand- knotting of natural rugs

If you buy rugs such as these, and you are in Westlake Village, Calabasas, or any of our service areas, give us a quick call and ask our opinion, or simply connect with us so that if you need a cleaning or repair we can take care of it for you immediately. Also- we can treat it against moth attacks and against spots and stains.

Remember to get them professionally cleaned by Four Seasons at least every two years, and if they look soiled you should have Oriental rug cleaning done immediately. Soils can permanently stain the natural yarns. Also-never use store bought carpet spotters on these rugs!

But it is good to double check with us  on the identity of the rug. There are many fakes out there. Just call 805-642-4784 and ask for Master Rug Cleaners Dan or Sylvie Traub.

Getting A Jump On Spring Cleaning- Area Rugs

Dan and Sylvie Traub

Dan and Sylvie Traub

Getting area rugs cleaned in your home is not simply a matter of removing spots stains in traffic lanes when they appear.

It’s necessary to clean them periodically, just like getting the oil changed in your car, or having that service guy come and blow compressed air into the coils behind your refrigerator to clean them, so that the compressor doesn’t go out.

The initial investment you may have made in area and Oriental rugs could be several thousand dollars each so plan on spending 5% to 10% of their value every two years for a periodic cleaning. If you have pets, you may need more frequent professional cleaning and you may want to also consider that your area rug cleaner would provide a service to protect the fibers with a qualified fiber sealer (protector).

Most quality area rugs, such as Oriental rugs and other area rugs, are made only of natural wool, sill and cotton. These things need periodic wet cleaning or in some cases, dry cleaning to retain their beauty and softness.

Moths swarm in places like marshes streambeds and ponds in the spring and early summer and may get into your house and attack your rugs. They love dusty rugs that have not been cleaned in several years. So it’s necessary to have them sent to a qualified area rug cleaning facility for periodic cleaning to get rid of the dust that moths love to make their nest in. Also– your rugs can be treated with a moth repellent which is not harmful or toxic to your pets, children, family your home or the earth.

Also it’s time to change the rug pad if the rug pad under your rug is crumbling sticking looking dirty and that sort of thing. If you do not have a cushioned rug pad take heed of the following information… something like a “Durahold ” custom cut rug cushion – reduces wear and makes the rug last longer – and is guaranteed not to stain floor – a must from a safety standpoint. Also you’re really getting your money’s worth in softness by having this. Already spent big bucks on these rugs make sure that they’re feeling great by having a premium cushioned rug pad under them.




Four Seasons Rug Care is referred by our area’s top interior designers


Experienced is all types of naural or synthetic rugs-” since 1992″


Our staff is constantly undergoing continuing training – and we hold may designations and certifications including MASTER TEXTILE CLEANER


We are very proud that our systems ensure that your valuable rug will be cared for in the best way possible


We guarantee that we will do what we have promised you for the price quoted

Finally, never hire an uneducated service company to do your area rug cleaning right on your floors. If they’re willing to do this and are not at least strongly suggesting that they take the rugs back to their quality facility, there’s something wrong with the company. In my case, I have seen many, many damaged area rugs brought to my company by distraught owners, or in some cases, by the carpet cleaner who tried to clean them with little experience. Beware of words like “expert” or phrases like “we are certified. ” Check them out- go to the organization that they claim has certified them and verify. CALL NOW- 805-642-4784 to arrange to bring your rug to our shop in Camarillo where we will unload it for you, or to schedule a pick-up.

Do You Need To Hide Your Rugs For The Holidays?

Some of our customers have been rolling up their rugs for the holidays because they are afraid of spots and spills forming permanent stains on the surface.

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spots and stains can damage unprotected wool

Valuable Persian Prayer Rug

This is a valid concern. Many foods and beverage can cause permanent stains on your area or Oriental rugs. This is because the fibers are protein or cellulose- based and they accept color and dye very readily. In contrast, the yarns of your installed wall to wall carpet are probably made of either nylon or polyester and are engineered to resist permanent stains and soiling.

For instance, Cranberry sauce,coffee or tea are acidic and therefore the natural pigments that they contain will soak into the fiber very fast and can act as a vegetable dye on your rug-and we may or may not be able to get it out for you.

spot sand spills can be handled

acidic liquids can permanantly damage a rug

However, there is good news-never fear!


Four Seasons Rug, Carpet, and Upholstery Care a.k.a. Four Seasons Rug Care Studio, is certified and specially trained by the IICRC in protecting textiles. This means that if you bring your rug to us or we can even come to your location it can be cleaned or vacuumed and then protected with our wall silk cotton and other natural fiber approved stain spill and soil protector.

We are very busy for the holidays so please give us a call and get on our schedule while you still can – then you can rest assured that your rugs are much safer from permanent stains, and with some white cotton terry towels on hand to blot up any spills, you can show off your beautiful rugs to all your guests.

Call Now- 805-642-4784

Area Rugs: Are They Wool, Silk or Synthetic?

Wool, silk, or synthetic area rugs

So you have some space on your floor that you’d like to beautify and soften with area rugs. Perhaps you are uncertain whether to select will silk or some kind of synthetic rug. Many people inadvertently purchase the materials that they thought was silk or will when it actually is woven from a cheaper synthetic material.


oriental rugs are hand- woven from wool, silk or cotton

This is real photo of one of the great industries in the Middle East- hand- knotting of natural rugs


All area rugs are either machine made, handwoven or hand-knotted, or partially handwoven and partially machine woven and machine made. An Oriental rug by definition, must be 100% natural materials, and 100% hand-made.

Many area rugs these days are made out of some kind of rayon such as viscose, which is a synthetic silk typically used in cheaper rugs which are sometimes sold to people as silk.

Then there are many synthetic area rugs which have a pattern on the front which comes from typical Persian rug designs such as Kashan, Tabriz, or Heriz. These are not Oriental rugs. They simply have an Oriental rug pattern. They are typically made out of heat set polypropylene. This is also called olefin. Although it is durable it does not have the softness and luxury of wool.

Also, this type of fiber attracts soil and or oily residues from your shoes and feet. So, we feel that the natural fibers are superior to the synthetic fibers in the long run, even though the investment is typically substantially more. Buying an area rug is a “you get what you pay for”type of endeavor.

 Seek Information- Buyer beware

However, many area rug purchasers inadvertently buy a rug for a high dollar ticket price that they have problems with later. Sometimes this is because they thought that the rug was made out of silk when actually it is made out of a synthetic material made from natural sources. Some of these fibers are called things such as bamboo silk or banana silk because the pulp originally comes from those sources and then is processed in a factory with chemical processes.

We have found that these type of rugs are subject to permanent staining, which means that our customers bring us the rug after spots and spills have occurred but we have more frequent occurrences of permanent stains with these rugs.

However, any rug or carpet can have permanent stains that no one can get out. This is why you should be careful about foot traffic, and beverage spills or pet stains such as urine or vomit. If you get a spill or spot call A wool safe certified rug cleaner and ask for advice or professional service.

If you are concerned about that, ask your rug cleaner before purchasing about their recommendations. As a veteran rug cleaner, I often refer my clients to certain rug dealers and recommend certain styles and fibers. Also, we can provide a protective stain resistant finish to a new rug to prevent staining.

Some Area Rug tips:

  • Get a second opinion before buying an area rug. Sometimes interior designers are not familiar with the cleanability of certain fibers.
  • Beware of unscrupulous rug dealers. Some will subtly misrepresent area rugs as being “Oriental,” or “silk.” Go to a rug dealer who has a great reputation.
  • Get regular (every 2 years) cleaning a by a certified professional- should be listed with IICRC- (Institute Of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and/or Wool Safe




Getting The Dirt Out Of Area Rugs

Area rugs such as this wool shag, or an Oriental rug, can contain up to ten pounds of dry , insoluble dirt which needs to be removed professionally before any wet cleaning. Our dusting machine removed this from a clients wool shag. and we thought you should see it – wool hides a ton of dirt. If you live in Ventura or North Los Angeles County, and haven t had your area rugs cleaned in over two years- you need to give us a call! 805-642-4784

area rug cleaning agoura hills

wool shag area rug

This dry soil tears up the fibers ( see how this shag rug has so much abrasion in the traffic patterns). Regular vacuuming and professional cleaning by someone who cleans rugs at a special facility at least every two years is so important to protect your investment.

BEWARE! Never hire a carpet cleaner who doesn’t have special training to clean wool. Wool has natural oils, lanolin, protein, keratin and many other natural components that can be destroyed by regular carpet cleaning products and equipment. Don’t be fooled by “green cleaner” marketing-ask specifically about the  products that your cleaning company uses i. e. ‘why is it green?”? You will frequently find that you were being bamboozled!

About the author:

Wool rug cleaning malibuDan Traub is  a certified Oriental and wool, silk and cotton rug cleaner with IICRC Master status. He is also an associate member of the prestigious Academy Of Oriental Rugs and also approved provider of Woolsafe USA.

Cleaning For The Holidays In Ventura County?

thousand oaks oriental rug cleaning customer's tree

Beautiful leaves in Agoura Hills, CA

As the holidays approach, you may be looking around your home and thinking “I’m not ready.”
Looking towards the rooms we are going to be celebrating the holidays in with our loved ones, we may notice that the area rugs just don’t look as bright as they should.

this Malibu customer hirs us for carpet cleaning and rug cleaning

You may ask yourself “is professional area rug cleaning/washing detrimental to the life of the rug?”

The carpet and rug institute says “The beauty in life of your rug depends on the care it receives. Proper cleaning will keep it looking great for its full lifetime, help improve your indoor air quality and keep your warranties intact.”

It is important to hire the right kind of rug cleaner when cleaning an area rug. Most carpet cleaning companies always use alkaline caustic chemicals to clean their synthetic carpets. This can really damage and ruin the protein fiber of a wool or silk rug. Make sure the company who you hire is currently certified as a company by two training and certification organizations specific to natural fiber rug cleaning. The two organizations are the ICRC (that’s the Institute of inspection cleaning and restoration certification), and also by Woolsafe USA. These are very important certifications- a company cannot just purchase them. It requires the business owners and employees to go through educational classes on a regular basis, to maintain a positive reputation in the community with ethical business practices, and to annually prove their credibility, and insurance status.

Worried About Spots and Spills?

Wouldn’t it be nice if when making considerations of where your guests will dine and celebrate the holidays, you didn’t have to worry about permanent damage to your rugs from spots and spills?
Another thing you may want to consider is fabric protection for the surface of your rug which you will be walking on. Four seasons right care studio we offer top quality wall safe rug protection as an additional service after a cleaning. Be sure to ask about this when you bring your rug in for a cleaning or when we pick it up.

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