Do You Need To Hide Your Rugs For The Holidays?

Some of our customers have been rolling up their rugs for the holidays because they are afraid of spots and spills forming permanent stains on the surface.

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spots and stains can damage unprotected wool

Valuable Persian Prayer Rug

This is a valid concern. Many foods and beverage can cause permanent stains on your area or Oriental rugs. This is because the fibers are protein or cellulose- based and they accept color and dye very readily. In contrast, the yarns of your installed wall to wall carpet are probably made of either nylon or polyester and are engineered to resist permanent stains and soiling.

For instance, Cranberry sauce,coffee or tea are acidic and therefore the natural pigments that they contain will soak into the fiber very fast and can act as a vegetable dye on your rug-and we may or may not be able to get it out for you.

spot sand spills can be handled

acidic liquids can permanantly damage a rug

However, there is good news-never fear!


Four Seasons Rug, Carpet, and Upholstery Care a.k.a. Four Seasons Rug Care Studio, is certified and specially trained by the IICRC in protecting textiles. This means that if you bring your rug to us or we can even come to your location it can be cleaned or vacuumed and then protected with our wall silk cotton and other natural fiber approved stain spill and soil protector.

We are very busy for the holidays so please give us a call and get on our schedule while you still can – then you can rest assured that your rugs are much safer from permanent stains, and with some white cotton terry towels on hand to blot up any spills, you can show off your beautiful rugs to all your guests.

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