Getting A Jump On Spring Cleaning- Area Rugs

Dan and Sylvie Traub

Dan and Sylvie Traub

Getting area rugs cleaned in your home is not simply a matter of removing spots stains in traffic lanes when they appear.

It’s necessary to clean them periodically, just like getting the oil changed in your car, or having that service guy come and blow compressed air into the coils behind your refrigerator to clean them, so that the compressor doesn’t go out.

The initial investment you may have made in area and Oriental rugs could be several thousand dollars each so plan on spending 5% to 10% of their value every two years for a periodic cleaning. If you have pets, you may need more frequent professional cleaning and you may want to also consider that your area rug cleaner would provide a service to protect the fibers with a qualified fiber sealer (protector).

Most quality area rugs, such as Oriental rugs and other area rugs, are made only of natural wool, sill and cotton. These things need periodic wet cleaning or in some cases, dry cleaning to retain their beauty and softness.

Moths swarm in places like marshes streambeds and ponds in the spring and early summer and may get into your house and attack your rugs. They love dusty rugs that have not been cleaned in several years. So it’s necessary to have them sent to a qualified area rug cleaning facility for periodic cleaning to get rid of the dust that moths love to make their nest in. Also– your rugs can be treated with a moth repellent which is not harmful or toxic to your pets, children, family your home or the earth.

Also it’s time to change the rug pad if the rug pad under your rug is crumbling sticking looking dirty and that sort of thing. If you do not have a cushioned rug pad take heed of the following information… something like a “Durahold ” custom cut rug cushion – reduces wear and makes the rug last longer – and is guaranteed not to stain floor – a must from a safety standpoint. Also you’re really getting your money’s worth in softness by having this. Already spent big bucks on these rugs make sure that they’re feeling great by having a premium cushioned rug pad under them.




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Finally, never hire an uneducated service company to do your area rug cleaning right on your floors. If they’re willing to do this and are not at least strongly suggesting that they take the rugs back to their quality facility, there’s something wrong with the company. In my case, I have seen many, many damaged area rugs brought to my company by distraught owners, or in some cases, by the carpet cleaner who tried to clean them with little experience. Beware of words like “expert” or phrases like “we are certified. ” Check them out- go to the organization that they claim has certified them and verify. CALL NOW- 805-642-4784 to arrange to bring your rug to our shop in Camarillo where we will unload it for you, or to schedule a pick-up.