Getting The Dirt Out Of Area Rugs

Area rugs such as this wool shag, or an Oriental rug, can contain up to ten pounds of dry , insoluble dirt which needs to be removed professionally before any wet cleaning. Our dusting machine removed this from a clients wool shag. and we thought you should see it – wool hides a ton of dirt. If you live in Ventura or North Los Angeles County, and haven t had your area rugs cleaned in over two years- you need to give us a call! 805-642-4784

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wool shag area rug

This dry soil tears up the fibers ( see how this shag rug has so much abrasion in the traffic patterns). Regular vacuuming and professional cleaning by someone who cleans rugs at a special facility at least every two years is so important to protect your investment.

BEWARE! Never hire a carpet cleaner who doesn’t have special training to clean wool. Wool has natural oils, lanolin, protein, keratin and many other natural components that can be destroyed by regular carpet cleaning products and equipment. Don’t be fooled by “green cleaner” marketing-ask specifically about the  products that your cleaning company uses i. e. ‘why is it green?”? You will frequently find that you were being bamboozled!

About the author:

Wool rug cleaning malibuDan Traub is  a certified Oriental and wool, silk and cotton rug cleaner with IICRC Master status. He is also an associate member of the prestigious Academy Of Oriental Rugs and also approved provider of Woolsafe USA.