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Beside adding a bouncy feel, rug padding provides an important function – it absorbs most of the grinding action caused by footsteps and works to protect the rug itself from wear. It also provides the additional function of helping to keep your rugs in place. Sudden shifting of rugs under foot creates many slip and fall injuries. Finally, it also helps protect your floors from scratches by partially preventing the heaviest tracked-on grit from filtering through to the floor.

Our premium rug pad has a long life expectancy, and is manufactured in the United States which is contributes to a healthy and safe environment for your family and  our earth.  NEVER select a rug pad by its price. Here is what can happen: some rubberized pads begin to break down almost immediately. They become tacky and may eventually stick to your floors, or they may dry out and become  sick creating a slippery “skating rink” in your home. Synthetic pads eventually spread and buckle or beome “squished thin” in the higest traffic areas.

We highly recommend our custom-cut premium rug pad is the very best in the world. It is guaranteed not to stain any hard-surface floor. Also, it will make your valuable hand-knotted natural fiber rugs last years longer by reducing the impact of  traffic.


Custom-Cut Premium Rug Pad/Cushion


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