18-Step Process

18 Step Rug Cleaning Process

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Our Rug Cleaning process Can Have Up To Eighteen Steps! And, our cold-water full immersion wash, most frequently used at our company,  is the only one in Ventura County!

  1. Inspect, ID We are experts at identifying your rug and it’s fibers, in order to determine the appropriate cleaning strategy
  2. Color Test to determine dye stability and cleaning strategy
  3. Freeze (when necessary—extra fee) for 72 hours, to kill any moth or insect eggs. Important for rugs which have been in storage.
  4. Dust Removal –rugs are vibrated rigorously with a professional rug dusting machine prior to vacuuming.
  5. Vacuum—with a commercial vacuum cleaner approved for Oriental Rugs
  6. Presoak for odor (when necessary—extra fee) for our 100% guaranteed pet odor removal. Rugs with secondary backing cannot be presoaked.
  7. Prespray with a Woolsafe tested and approved fiber shampoo
  8. Preshampoo with a powered shampoo machine to agitate out spots and deeply imbedded soils which have built up over the years.
  9. Wash/Rinse the rug with cold, softened water , depending on the type of rug, either inside our specially-designed laminar waterflow rug bath or with other rinse methods
  10. Remove from Bath and Extract Excess Water
  11. Groom the rug with a special rug brush to align the pile
  12. Dry on Blocking Table Under Forced Air to ensure fast drying and eliminate unnatural shrinkage
  13. Groom Again with a special rug brush to align the pile
  14. Dry On Racks Under Forced Air to complete fast drying
  15. Detail Fringes (when necessary—extra fee)  with whiteners and a steam cleaning tool,  to give you a beautifully restored fringe
  16. Air-Dry Fringes
  17. Protect Fibers With Stain and Soil-Resistant “Rug Guard” Treatment (extra fee) to guard against potential future stains which can be permanent
  18. Post-Groom and Partially Wrap in Plastic Film or Paper