Moth Infestation & Damage

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Wool moths, clothing moths, carpet moths, whatever you call the, they are invasive, damaging creatures. Very small and hard to see, they are out

there flying around and looking for a home with s a ready food supply. Wool moths can cause a graet deal of damage to a textile in a relatively short amount of time.

There are two types of wool moth. The web-bearing moth lays its eggs under a protective, sticky web-like substance, while the case-making moth lays its egg


s inside a cocoon, or case, smaller than a grain or rice. In both cases, they lay their eggs right at a food source so that when the eggs hatch, the larvae don’t have to look far for nourishment.


The larvae eat a protein called keratin, which is found in the core of hair fibers. Rugs, sweaters, coats, even shed pet hair hiding under sofas, can be a veritable buffet for those pests! If you see wool moths flying around inside your home or closet, they are likely mating and laying eggs, causing a greater infestation.


Vacuuming them away will not necessarily remove the casings or unhatched eggs. You really do need a rug care professional to effectively and thoroughly contain this type of clean-up.

If you suspect a wool moth infestation in your home, no matter how small or large, contact us as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the infestation. It is very important that your rug be removed from it’s current setting and washed professionally right away. It will be very likely that your rug will have moth damage. All other rugs you have in your house should be inspected immediately. We will inspect all your rugs and textiles for you, safely remove any infected rugs for moth treatment and cleaning, and make any further recommendations regarding repairs to your rugs or for general pest control so that your home is able to be returned to a healthy state quickly.


We will treat your rug after we properly clean your rugs in order to eliminate any infestation of moths. After cleaning your rugs, we can apply an organic moth repellent that is effective in the prevention of insect damage to your rug.


At the first sign of a problem, please call our office at 805-642-4784 if you have any questions. We are prepared to help you in any way we can.


Mothproofing Wool Rugs

We offer complete moth proofing services for your Persian wool and Oriental rugs. In the past few years, we have been witnessing a lot of moth damage in Southern California. We highly recommend that your wool rugs be treated with our organic moth repellent after washing. The treatment is inexpensive and last for at least 4-5 years. It’s non-toxic – family and pet safe. It will not leave a scent and cannot be seen on the rug. The moth repellent make the wool have a different taste which the moth does not like. We do not use moth balls or flakes– these materials have little repellent effect and the odor imparted to the rug can be difficult to remove.



The Best Way to Prevent an Infestation

The best way to prevent an infestation is periodic inspection of rugs, whether stored or not, as well as the carpets and wool, silk and cotton textiles in your home. Particularly areas under furniture. Moths can hide under rugs too, especially under a rug over hard surface flooring. Also, make sure you ask us to apply the moth repellent you have your rug care regular maintenance. It will save your investment.

If you see clothes moths near the rug or on the rug, inspect it and look for small white worms. They can eat your rug. Also moths love to nest in dirty rugs so get them cleaned by us periodically- every one to three years depending on your lifestyle and the number of people and pets in your home.