Odor Control & Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal in Westlake Village, CA

Pet Odor Removal From Carpet or Areal Rugs
Carpet or area rugs and Oriental rugs are popular to highlight your living space and provide comfort and insulation from cold floors. These carpets and rugs can be made of synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, new hybrids such as “Smart Strand,” or wool . The materials the surfaces are made of, or in the case of many area or Oriental rugs, the entire rug is made of, are called “fibers.”
The odors these carpets and rugs can accumulate from pet traffic, especially dogs and cats, can be a major challenge

We at Four Seasons Rug Care are professionally trained certified by IICRC.ORG and WOOLSAFE USA.ORG in safely removing these odors, and we can serve you in Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Ojai, Ventura, and all of Ventura County.
As to how to solve the problem, we must realize that “DIY” approaches alone may not suffice. You should consult a reputable carpet and rug cleaning professional with strong verifiable credentials and a great local reputation. Next, let’s look at narrowing down the cause of the pet odor. If the animal does have “accidents” on the carpet or rug, then the pet odor is probably caused by the oils that come from his/her feet, coat, and body. These cannot be vacuumed and are one of the reasons that the manufacturers of carpets and rugs recommend professional cleaning by water extraction method at least every 12 months. This type of pet odor is easier for a professional cleaner to solve, because there is no urine or feces contamination in the carpet, rug, or underlay pad. The technician would simply treat the areas with a special professional grade carpet deodorizer before and after the cleaning process.

If, however, the animal has urinated or otherwise stained the carpet with “accidents,” more aggressive measures such as pad replacement and subsurface-extraction may be required to solve the problem in a wall-to wall carpet. If it’s an Oriental or other area rug, when, possible, full-immersion hand-washing in a professional bath system is the best way to get rid of these odors 100%. I myself have been perfecting this system for years. Finally, don’t try anything more than simple blotting of small spots yourself. It’s so easy to over-wet a carpet or rug and really worsen the problem or ruing the carpet for good. And, those dry deodorizing powders can really cause a secondary chemical-buildup problem while not solving your pet odor problem so I do not recommend those. The liquid enzyme-based consumer products available in pet store can be useful to people, however, if used sparingly after initial blotting of the pet stain.

Did you know that pet urine accidents are among the hardest stains to remove from rugs and carpet? While the odors associated with an occasional pet urine stain can typically be removed without much concern, the pH level of the stains change as they dry, sometimes causing permanent color loss or bleeding of the dyes. Of course, the best way to combat these issues is with immediate, professional and experienced cleaning.

In extreme cases where the pet urine has been allowed to build up over time, pet stain on top of pet stain,  we may inform you that the textile has “dry rot” and the foundation yarns may not be sturdy enough for cleaning.

However, if you call us or  bring you rug to us as soon as a pet urine accident, you increase your chance that we might be able to restore the rug entirely. In a case like that, time is the essence. We can also guarantee 100% pet odor removal.

At Four Seasons. we can remove all type of odor including the one caused by flood, mold and mildew. However most of the rugs with odor that we clean at our facility are caused by our cute and lovely pet. However, we can guarantee 100% for most of the problems related to pet on most of the rugs.

We Can Guarantee Pet Odor Removal


If your area rugs or Oriental or rugs are stained by pet accidents, flooding or other odors,  we have a service that can remove all odors on most of the rugs, and provide a 100% Customer satisfaction guarantee!

Yes, this service is the most effective method of removing odors available, we guarantee it! Simply call the office and ask about our guaranteed odor removal service. Don’t live with that stink anymore!

How we dot it?

Our system is the very best because it involves :

  1. Presoaking the urine contaminated areas in a separate bath, with a special formula that breaks down the urine and kills the bacteria without using chemicals like phenol or Ammonium Chloride.
  2. Washing the rug in our laminar waterflow rug wash bath until all of the urine and all of the cleaner is totally rinsed out
  3. Extracting all excess water to prepare the rug for drying
  4. Drying the rug in controlled conditions , first lying flat under moving, dry air, then hanging on our drying racks under moving, dry air5: Inspecting the rug to make sure all urine or other odor is gone.


A Word About Your Health

If you encounter odor problem with your rug, you should consider having your rug clean as soon as you can. Urine is full of bacteria and also attracts moisture from the air, keeping that bacteria alive. It also creates ammonia and methane gas which can irritate your eyes, your sinus passages and your throat.