Rug Repairs

Rug Repair


A beautiful area rug can add the perfect touch to a room or hallway, giving you an inviting space you’ll want to enjoy for years to come. However, area rugs, whether they are machine-made or handmade, are subject to wear and fraying. The effects of traffic can cause surface wear, corner fraying, and edge wear. Even insects, like moths, can cause unexpected damage to your furnishing by eating away at the natural fibers of a rug.

Four Seasons has experience with every kind of rug repair, and we specialize in repairing hand-knotted natural fiber rugs. We can fix your frayed edges, corners and fringes. Let us handle your rug repair so you can continue to enjoy your masterpiece rug for years to come!

For rug repair with more elaborate hand-weaving, more time may be needed. All rugs are hand-repaired according to the highest standard in the industry. For clients from Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Malibu, Simi Valley, and Santa Barbara, we offer free pickup and delivery for your rug repair.

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Our controller, Melanie Beaupre, is an accomplished rug repair expert with years of fine rug repair experience.

Signs You Need Professional Rug Repair

Ideally, you want to obtain professional rug repair service as soon as you notice damage in your rug. This way, the damage won’t become worse and more costly as time goes on. Below are a few common types of rug repair problems that we have fixed in the past.


Moth Damage

Holes caused by insect larva chewing away at the natural fibers can expose foundational threads like so. This is most common in wool rugs. We do our best to match colors of our fibers to make sure your rug repair is as seamless as possible.


Tears and Holes

Much like moth damage, rug tearing and holes can be unexpected, and should be taken care of right away. Fibers in your rug become worn down over time, making it easier for the threads to rip under pressure. In most circumstances, we can find the correct match of style and color to give you an expertly done rug repair that you can show off to friends and family.


Areas of wear can be re-woven!


Edge of Rug Repair

Overcasting – Repairing edges

Edges of a rug are commonly worn down as a result of foot traffic over time. Once you notice your edges and corners becoming frayed, it’s time to take your rug in for repairs. We dedicate time and expert knowledge to make sure your rug repair results in a beautiful finished product.


Fringe Restoration

It’s not uncommon for fringes to fall off or become unraveled on your antique area rug. Let us provide expert and dedicated area rug repair to restore your masterpiece to its original glory.


Before and After

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