Tile Cleaning Services in Thousand Oaks, CA

If you have tile and grout in your home or office, you may be experiencing problems keeping it  clean and free of spots and stains.  After a period of months or years, tile floors need cleaning services that extend beyond simple vacuuming and damp mopping. And that’s the time to call in a certified professional for help.

Our firm and professionals have the specialized training and experience to select the proper cleaning agent, equipment and technique for restoring the original beauty of the tile and grout, and we serve  VENTURA, CAMARILLO, THOUSAND OAKS and all of VENTURA COUNTY.

BUYER BEWARE: Many unqualified “companies” are servicing  tile and stone floors and using the wrong cleaning products, and the wrong sealers. Never hire a cleaning firm based on price alone. OUR COMPANY IS AN IICRC CERTIFIED FIRM.  THE CLEAN TRUST LOGO MEANS YOU ARE WORKING WITH THE WORLD’S BEST!

Our system follows seven steps for maximum soil and spot removal.  For all of our tile, grout and stone cleaning services, we have high-end specialized tools such as the Hydroforce SX12 hot water extraction tool (see image at top) for cleaning, and diamond honing and polishing pads and powders for marble or travertine honing and polishing.