Wool Oriental Rugs Ventura County To Calabasas

This woman is about a week into the hand knotting process on an Oriental wool-on cotton rug. The brightly colored wool  yarns tells us that this is probably a scene from a Moroccan rug weaving shop. Can you image the strain on the back?

Navajo  rugs are similar, knotted on a smaller  loom. They are usually 100% wool.


oriental rugs are hand- woven from wool, silk or cotton
This is real photo of one of the great industries in the Middle East- hand- knotting of natural rugs

If you buy rugs such as these, and you are in Westlake Village, Calabasas, or any of our service areas, give us a quick call and ask our opinion, or simply connect with us so that if you need a cleaning or repair we can take care of it for you immediately. Also- we can treat it against moth attacks and against spots and stains.

Remember to get them professionally cleaned by Four Seasons at least every two years, and if they look soiled you should have Oriental rug cleaning done immediately. Soils can permanently stain the natural yarns. Also-never use store bought carpet spotters on these rugs!

But it is good to double check with us  on the identity of the rug. There are many fakes out there. Just call 805-642-4784 and ask for Master Rug Cleaners Dan or Sylvie Traub.